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Research on Innovation of Ideological and Political Work in Colleges and Universities from the Perspective of Effectuation Theory

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DOI: 10.25236/mse.2018.032


Qiaoyin Peng

Corresponding Author

Qiaoyin Peng


Taking the uncertain environment faced by ideological and political education in colleges and universities as the logical starting point and according to the Effectuation Theory proposed by Saras Sarasvathy who is the professor of University of Virginia, this paper points out that by effective designing the existing objective environment into a new development prospect, innovate the new thinking of ideological and political work in colleges and universities; by creating a relaxed and trusted learning environment and relevant classroom activities, establish a new ideological and political course; by acting as the conductor of ideological and political guidance of students and designing characteristic guiding projects, innovate the new methods of ideological and political work.


Effectuation, Colleges and Universities, Ideological and Political Work, Innovative Research