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An Investigation on Wildlife Protection Consciousness of Middle School Students in Meizhou City, South China

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DOI: 10.25236/mse.2018.026


Qihe Yang, Huiying Zhu, And Hesheng Yang

Corresponding Author

Qihe Yang


In order to understand the status of wildlife protection in middle school students in Meizhou city, this paper adopted questionnaire survey and randomly selected 8 middle schools as examples to investigate the consciousness and its influencing factors using SPSS 17.0 to carry out a statistical analysis of the survey data. The results showed that there were most students with a high level of wildlife protection consciousness among these students surveyed, accounting for over 60% of the total surveyed population. There was no significant difference in protection consciousness between males and females. The students in senior middle schools had a significantly stronger consciousness of protection than those in junior middle schools. The students' watching animal protection programs and visiting to zoos and protection education from their parents would have a significant positive impact on their protection consciousness. The students with higher level of wildlife protection consciousness also had higher quality of corresponding protection behavior. The students' participation in animal protection activities and parents' education are more important than the animal protection education from school education. Therefore, in order to improve the consciousness and quality of the protection of the middle school students, they cannot be completely dependent on the school, and should strengthen the joint participation of family and the society.


Wildlife, Middle School Students, Consciousness of Protection, Influencing Factors, Meizhou