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Debate Teaching: The Way of Humanism Practice

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DOI: 10.25236/mse.2018.023


Bo Zhang, Haiyan Liu

Corresponding Author

Haiyan Liu


This research is a feedback survey which is delivered after the implementation of a teaching reform project. We managed to teach and guide students to make good use of debate teaching to optimize their learning. With the statistics collected, this paper carried out a thorough evaluation of the effect and intangible value of the debate teaching model by using comparative method. With the help of self-media like micro-blog, it is found that students had improved their thoughts and become more rational by debating in both online and offline. It is believed that the teaching model is effective for the dissemination of talents in the new media era, and it can be used for the way of humanism practice in future study.


Debate Teaching, Practice, Humanism