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The Innovative Development of Mural Painting and Public Art Discipline Construction

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DOI: 10.25236/mse.2018.018


Xiao Ding

Corresponding Author

Xiao Ding


In the contemporary era, mural painting and public art serves as one of the most important carriers that help strike a balance between promoting the ideological progress of society and meeting the cultural needs of the people. Aiming at the exploration of effective discipline development and expanding the disciplinary boundary, this paper adopts the research method of case study and focuses on exploring ways to innovate mural art education. The paper finds that, further development of the discipline can be conducted from a number of areas, including wider involvement in public-space-related construction practice at municipal and provincial level, theory development and talent cultivation. In face of the growing demand of the public, it is highly imperative that higher educators at administrative level consider how mural painting and public art can make use of the opportunity, expand the boundary of the discipline and further explore its depth.


Mural Painting and Public Art, Discipline Construction, Higher Education, Discipline Innovation