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Usage Beliefs’ Change and Interaction during Technology Acceptance of Academic Information Services

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DOI: 10.25236/mse.2018.014


Duanwu Yan, Jiali Tang, Beibei Xia, Guoxiao Liu

Corresponding Author

Jiali Tang


[Purposes] The purpose of this study is to investigate the participants' dynamic beliefs and acceptance intentions of using the academic information services as well as the relationship between these dynamic beliefs, taking academic resources database as an example. [Methods] This study was carried out at a large university with a total of 125 freshmen participating in the tracking experiment for a total of three cycles. Latent growth curve model are applied to analysis questionnaire data with LISREL8.7. [Results and Conclusions] The results supported the changes of belief structures over time. The levels of user beliefs (self-efficacy, perceived usefulness, and intention to use) were on the rise with the increase in the use of document database systems, while the belief of perceived ease of use did not significantly change. Self-efficacy has always influenced perceived ease of use and perceived usefulness.


Technology Acceptance, Belief Adjustment, Latent Growth Curve Model, Tracking Experiment