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Innovation of Ideological and political education mode in Universities in the era of big data

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DOI: 10.25236/fetms.2017.009


Zhang Chunjie, Zhiying Zhao

Corresponding Author

Zhiying Zhao


In China, colleges and universities shoulder the important mission of conveying talents for society, researching the development of science and culture and building social civilization. Under the background of big data, college students are faced with Chinese collision of various social and cultural knowledge and values in the process of receiving higher education, so the study of the ideological and Political Education under the era of big data is very important. This article aims to discuss the connotation and characteristics of the big data era, and the problems faced by the ideological education in Colleges and universities in the big data era, and to study the innovative strategy of the ideological and political education model in the big data context.


Big data era, University ideological and political education mode, Innovation.