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Risk Analysis of China's Foreign Direct Investment

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DOI: 10.25236/mse.2018.004


Bowen Zhang

Corresponding Author

Bowen Zhang


With the proposed and implemented "Belt and the Road" initiative, China's foreign direct investment enters "the fast lane". Foreign direct investment scale and high growth reflects that our country has the strong momentum of economic development. However, due to blind fashion international investment (market risk) and lack of political, legal, cultural and other aspects of the risk estimation, the corresponding risk prevention capacity and safety problems have become increasingly prominent. Restricted along the road construction, national security strategy especially has an extremely adverse impact on economic security. Further analysis, based on the above risk problems, explores two main reasons: subjective and objective. To study and solve the problem of risk prevention and security capability construction of foreign direct investment, it is necessary, from a historical perspective, to find out some specific ideas and methods from various practical influences or constraints.


Foreign Direct Investment, Risk Prevention, Security Capability Construction, National Strategic Security