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Applications and Rate-limiting Parameters of Aerobic Denitrification

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DOI: 10.25236/iclsmh.18.033


Huiying Li, Wenxiang Wang, Bo Yan

Corresponding Author

Huiying Li


The presence of nitrogenous substances in wastewater discharges has attracted attention because of the role of nitrogen in eutrophication of receiving waters. Nitrogen removal is an important aspect of present day wastewater treatment processes. However, conventional nitrification–denitrification treatment is uneconomical and difficult to operate due to extremely slow nitrification and the necessity for separate nitrification and denitrification reactors. Recently, several novel aerobic denitrification processes have been developed for cost-effective biological nitrogen removal. These processes can reduce inorganic nitrate compounds to harmless nitrogen gas. Applications of aerobic denitrifiers in wastewater processing and NOx treatment are summarized. The effect of the C/N ratio and dissolved oxygen concentration on the denitrification activity are noted.


Aerobic Denitrification, Aerobic Denitrifiers, Rate-limiting Parameters