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Discussion on Diversified Investment and Financing Countermeasures of Private Education

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DOI: 10.25236/fetms.2017.008


Shuaihong Wang

Corresponding Author

Shuaihong Wang


In the new environment, how to clearly understand the shortcomings of the private colleges during the process of their development, and how to find the right direction of their own development under the background of the education reformation, these have become the key factors that influence the development of private colleges. To private colleges, financial issue is the key factor which influences their development. During the many years development of private education, financial issue makes the managers of the colleges feel nervous all the time, if a college is lack of funds or faces the risk of financing, these issues will block the development of the college; and if these problems happen, it will bring a lot of problems to the college, such as quality of education is getting worse, lack of all some kinds of resources, etc. At present, because of some realistic reasons, not only the ways of the colleges’ financing are limited, but also it is very difficult to finance enough funds, there often are many problems on investment and financing of private colleges, these greatly blocks the development of the private colleges. Start from the present situation of the private colleges’ investment and financing, the writer of this thesis brings out some simple opinion in order to promote the sustainable development of private colleges. The main way of financing of many domestic private colleges is governmental and national support, because of the long-term support, most of the private colleges neglect the other financing ways so that their ways of financing become limited, and it is hard to financing enough money as well. As the progress of recent educational reformation and the development of private colleges, the publics call for the higher teaching quality to private colleges, and the private colleges should pay more attention to increasing their financing ways in order to solve the problems of funds and make progress on their own development.


Diversified Investment and Financing, Private Education, Usage of Funds, Discussion on Countermeasures.