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Experimental Study on the Cutting Propagation of a Precious Medicinal Plant Grow in the Wild named Inula japonica Thunb

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DOI: 10.25236/iclsmh.18.022


Zhihui Yu

Corresponding Author

Zhihui Yu


Inula japonica Thunb. is a precious flowering plant grow in the wild; it can be used as medicine. In order to find out the best cutting procedure, comparative experiments are carried out from three aspects: type of medium, time of cutting and hormone treatment. The results show that the best cutting medium of Inula is the combination of turfy soil and perlite (3:1); June is the best month for cutting; the species and concentrations of hormones can significantly affect the rooting of Inula cutting slips. When the concentration of NAA is 100 mg/L, the rooting rate is the highest at 84.7%.


Inula Japonica Thunb, Cutting, Medium, Hormones