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Progress in Modern Rehabilitation of Spinal Cord Injury

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DOI: 10.25236/iclsmh.18.021


Shibao Xu, Youqun Tan

Corresponding Author

Shibao Xu


This paper analyzes the rehabilitation research of spinal cord injury with the method of literature, and draws the conclusions. Physical therapy and psychotherapy are the main means at present, and physical therapy is composed of two parts: exercise therapy and physical factor therapy. As a traditional Taijiquan therapy, it can include sports therapy and psychotherapy, and has achieved remarkable results. Modern rehabilitation combined with traditional practice has achieved good results in functional rehabilitation of patients with spinal cord injury, can improve the functional disorders of patients to varying degrees, and plays a positive role in their return to family and society. At the same time, there are also some problems, such as there is no deep integration of the two, how to integrate the advantages of traditional Chinese and Western medicine, joint application to patients with spinal cord injury, maximize the rehabilitation effect, and reduce the burden for patients and families, which should be one of the topics of modern rehabilitation research.


Spinal Cord Injury, Exercise Therapy, Taijiquan Therapy