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Analysis of current situation and Countermeasures of information construction in university educational administration system

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DOI: 10.25236/fetms.2017.003


Wu Haixia

Corresponding Author

Wu Haixia


With the rapid development of Internet technology, the educational administration management in Colleges and universities should keep close to the informatization. In the traditional educational administration system, the disadvantage of information management is becoming increasingly apparent, and it is also a good choice to carry out information construction. Through the research, we can find that there are still many problems in the process of information construction of university educational administration system, and there is still a lot of room for information construction in many universities. This paper will analyze the current situation of the construction of educational management information system in Colleges and universities, on the basis of this, put forward corresponding strategies on how to improve the educational management system of information construction, to further enhance the educational management system of informatization degree and level.


Internet, Educational administration management, Informatization.