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Research and Design of Education and Teaching Resource Management System based on ASP.NET Technology

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DOI: 10.25236/eduer.2018.135


Jin Xin

Corresponding Author

Jin Xin


The informatization of career education is an important foundation and part of the reform of career education. The construction of professional education resource library is one of the important contents of professional education informatization construction. There is a lack of unified planning for the construction of teaching resource pool in higher vocational colleges in China. The system software construction investment is less, and the content is not system; Teacher education information technology and teaching strategy application level is not high, and there are slow development and other problems. This topic elaborates how to use the base. NET architecture, and SQL Server as the background database system, the development of teaching resource library platform design and implementation process. Based on the actual situation of Zaozhuang Vocational College of Science and Technology, this paper makes a comprehensive analysis on the demand of teaching resource management system, establishes a set of teaching resource management system for education teaching in our college, and improves the informatization level of education teaching. This paper analyzes the situation and existing problems of the construction of education teaching resource library in China. Research related technologies required for system development, include Ajax technologies. NET technology, and ADO. NET technology. The demand analysis of the system, the realization of the structural model and functional module are described in detail. The system is used for testing in the Department of Information Engineering of the college. Its functions are normal, and it basically meets the needs of normal teaching and course construction


Teaching, System Design, Database Technology, Asp.Net Technology, B/S Structure.