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Feasibility Analysis of Training Talents in Basketball Industry based on Experimental Class Mode-Take Leshan Normal University as an Example

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DOI: 10.25236/eduer.2018.134


Yang Jian

Corresponding Author

Yang Jian


With the rapid development of college basketball, the number of basketball matches at all levels, all kinds of basketball matches and basketball matches at the grass-roots level of society has gradually increased, which puts forward new, higher and more standardized requirements for basketball refereeing work. Therefore, basketball refereeing work and industry development are facing enormous challenges. This paper mainly takes the school sports industry development outline as the lead, focuses on training high-quality talents with strong professional ability, takes the construction of basketball industry talents training experimental class, focuses on the training direction of referees, vigorously promotes the professional construction of physical education institutes, and strengthens the connection between talent training of physical education institutes and modern sports industry and service capabilities, effectively improving the quality of applied talents training in physical education institutes.


Basketball Industry, Basketball Referee, Experimental Class.