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Research on the Reform and Development of International Education Majors of International Students in the Background of Application

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DOI: 10.25236/eduer.2018.132


Kaihua Zheng

Corresponding Author

Kaihua Zheng


The reform and innovation of the application-oriented talent training model of international education is not only an important part of the major theoretical and practical issues of higher education research, but also the only way to adapt to the transformation and development of higher education today. This paper uses the theory of higher education to analyze the status quo of international education talent training mode for international students in China, and points out the inadequacies in the cultivation of applied talents in Chinese international education. At the same time, through the empirical investigation of 110 students in the Chinese language international education, it finds out the students' dissatisfaction with the current curriculum setting, learns from and absorbs all the advanced achievements that can be utilized at home and abroad, and combines the actual situation to construct the international education of colleges and universities. The application-oriented talent training model, including the knowledge system, the competence system and the comprehensive quality system, builds a variety of forms of education and teaching reform experiments based on the talent cultivation model innovation, and proposes the reform and innovation of the international education talent training model.


International Education, Reformation, Development.