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Analysis of Ideological and Political Education Path for Students of Technical Secondary Schools in the We-media Era

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DOI: 10.25236/eduer.2018.106


Rong Zhang

Corresponding Author

Rong Zhang


With the continuous in-depth development of self-media, the development of Ideological and Political Education in technical secondary schools has been promoted, and to a large extent, a new environment has been created. Based on this background, the ideological and political educators in technical secondary schools should attach great importance to self-media, fully understand and recognize the opportunities and challenges brought about by the multimedia era, make full use of its advantages, constantly reform and innovate the traditional methods of ideological and political education, and actively explore the mode of ideological and political education in technical secondary schools in the We-media era, and then comprehensively promote its development in technical secondary schools.


We-Media Era, Secondary Technical School, Students, Ideology and Politics, Education Method.