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Systemic Evaluation of Immunological Effect and Protective Effect of Live Attenuated Mumps Vaccine

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DOI: 10.25236/icmsbe.2017.13


Wan Feng Li

Corresponding Author

Wan Feng Li


To explore the application effect of live attenuated vaccine in preventing mumps. 224 children vaccinated with live attenuated vaccine in our hospital from April 2015 to 2016 were selected as the objects of study. Live attenuated vaccine was applied in immune prevention, and the immunological effect and protective effect were evaluated and compared with 200 children that had not been vaccinated. The positive immune detection rate in vaccinated patients was relatively higher than that before (95.54%>66.51%). The immune success rate was 64.73%; of them, immune success rate in patients with the mumps antibody titer measured value of 1:2-1:6 was as high as 100%. The mumps infection rate (0.89%<7.5%) and complication incidence (0<1.5%) in vaccinated children were remarkably lower than those in non-vaccinated inspected children, with the differences being of statistical significance (P<0.05). The live attenuated vaccine shows outstanding superiority during mumps prevention. The risk of disease incidence can be effectively reduced after taking full advantage of its immune protection.


Mumps, Live attenuated vaccine, Immunological effect.