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Study on the Exploration of College Students' Social Practice based on Effectiveness

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DOI: 10.25236/eduer.2018.101


Yuanyuan Ma, Xi Chen, Wei Qin, Wenshuo Xu

Corresponding Author

Yuanyuan Ma


College students' social practice is a purposeful and planned in-depth society for college students to participate in specific production practices and social life. It is to promote the quality education of college students and realize the goal of educating people in higher education, an important way for builders and successors. In recent years, the party and the state have attached great importance to the educational role of college students in social practice and have issued various documents to guide the development of college students' social practice activities, and have also achieved certain results. However, from the objective reflection of the quality of talents in society, some practice units reflect the phenomenon that Chinese college students have high-level and high academic qualifications. This explains to a certain extent that the status quo of theoretical and practical education in the cultivation of talents in Chinese universities is not balanced. The reason is that the practical effect of college students' social practice is not strong. This problem directly restricts the improvement of college students' practical ability and comprehensive quality, and affects the realization of college education goals. Therefore, it is very necessary to explore and study the effectiveness of college students' social practice.


Social Practice, Effectiveness, College Student.