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Research on the Guidance of Public Opinion of Colleges and Universities in the Times of New Media Information Dissemination

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DOI: 10.25236/eduer.2018.097


Zhang Mingxia

Corresponding Author

Zhang Mingxia


Colleges and universities are the educational institutions that aim for the cultivation of the high-quality talents, so they are highly concerned by the public. In the current times of new media information dissemination, great changes have taken place in the content and mode of information dissemination, especially in the pluralism of the subject and form of information dissemination, which makes it necessary for higher education institutions to conduct scientific guidance of public opinion. Only in this way can we guarantee the correct communication image of colleges and universities. But from the current actual situation, the negative news of a large number of colleges and universities make a lot of colleges and universities receive different evaluations of the public image, and the bad evaluations constrain the development of these schools. In this paper, the author carries on the detailed research on the public opinion guidance of the higher education institutions in the times of new media information dissemination.


New Media Information, Information Dissemination, Guidance of Colleges and Universities’ Public Opinion.