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Research on Teaching Reform of College English Writing in Big Data Era

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DOI: 10.25236/eduer.2018.096


Wenjuan Zhao

Corresponding Author

Wenjuan Zhao


As the development of Internet and information technology, human has come into the big data era. The features of big data have also made great changes in the teaching of English writing. This change includes not only the teaching methods, but also the purpose of writing and the means of writing. At the some time, it brings us opportunities and challenges. In the current times of big data, how to combine the teaching reform of college English writing with the background of big data have become a hot issue and an irresistible trend. In this paper, the author analyses and think about the current situation according to the features of the big data times, and then puts forward the strategies of improving the teaching of college English writing .


Big Data Era, College English Writing, Teaching Reform.