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Microwave Biological Effects and Research Progress

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DOI: 10.25236/icmsbe.2017.12


Yiou Cheng, Kai Kang

Corresponding Author

Kai Kang


The study on the biological effects of electromagnetic field has received extensive attention since the 18th century. As a kind of electromagnetic wave, microwave has the frequency of 300MHz~300GHz. Among the studies concerning microwave biological effects, the study about the mutual relationship between electromagnetic field and life has an important status. Together with the constant deepening of relevant studies, people have more in-depth understanding about the properties of microwave and the electromagnetic properties of organism. Meanwhile, great progress has been made in the study about microwave biological effects. This thesis starts from the perspective of microwave biological effects to analyze its functional mechanism and present research progress.


microwave, biological effects, functional mechanism, research progress.