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Research on the Female Talent Cultivation Model at Xi’an Colleges and Universities from the Perspective of Supply-side Structural Reform

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DOI: 10.25236/eduer.2018.082


Ning Fang

Corresponding Author

Ning Fang


There are abundant resources of higher education that are human capital in Xi’an. The deep development of human capital and the seamless connection between supply and demand are the root of supply-side structural reform in Xi’an. It is the first step to make use of the incremental reform of female talents to promote the stock adjustment, and to study the new path of female talents cultivation mode in Xi’an from the perspective of supply-side structural reform. It is under the double pressure of opportunity and challenge of "New Silk Road Economic Belt" that the new thinking and exploration of talent reform in the strategic goal of Grand Xi’an coincide with the "six optimizations" put forward by the supply-side structural reform. At the same time, it is an innovative way to link the local economy and talent cultivation and practice the economic development and spiritual civilization construction of Grand Xi’an.


Supply-Side Structural Reform, Xi’An Colleges and Universities, Female Talents, Talent Cultivation Model.