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Linguistic Landscape Surveys as a Pedagogy: Reflection and Suggestions

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DOI: 10.25236/eduer.2018.078


Li Yi

Corresponding Author

Li Yi


In recent years, scholars mainly explored issues of language policy, multilingualism and sociolinguistic ecology of a certain region or city via the linguistic landscape approach, the research focus had been centered on the phenomenon of LL. Few scholars examined the potentials of involving linguistic landscape in language teaching. This paper offers a critical reflection of the previous studies that engaged linguistic landscape projects as a pedagogy, conducted by Sayer(2010), Rowland(2012) and Chesnut et al.(2013) and Shang (2014) respectively, analyzes their values and downsides, and also outlines detailed suggestions for further applications of LL as a resource for learning English as a foreign language.


Linguistic Landscape, Pedagogy, Linguistic Landscape Survey.