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Analysis on Reform Paths of Physical Education Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/eduer.2018.074


Xiaofang Yuan

Corresponding Author

Xiaofang Yuan


Physical education in colleges and universities are changing dramatically nowadays with the in-depth development of the curriculum reform of PE, showing the change of the ultimate objective of teaching. Giving priority to "Health first", it is necessary to not only improve students' interests in sports, but also help them establish the concept of life-long PE. This is our final goal of PE education. It can be seen how importance of students is the main part of a class. However, the problem is that many PE teachers just focus on teaching or sports competition instead of making full use of students' initiative. The reform of sports and health course has not been carried out strictly. Therefore, college PE teachers should think about these questions and make some improvements for the PE reform.


Physical Education, Reform Paths, Student.