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Reform and Countermeasures of Martial Arts Teaching in Colleges and Universities

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DOI: 10.25236/eduer.2018.073


Kaihua Xu

Corresponding Author

Kaihua Xu


Chinese Martial Arts is both extensive and profound, and it is a gift that Chinese ancestors left for us. At the same time, Chinese Martial Arts has a special position in Chinese traditional culture. Chinese Martial Arts is rich in content and it has become a representative skill of Chinese people because of the rendering of Martial Arts novels. As a kind of traditional sports with competitive sports characteristics, Martial Arts has a strong role in people's physical fitness activities. The promotion of Martial Arts in colleges and universities can effectively promote the development of traditional culture, which also can make contribution to the improvement of students' comprehensive quality. In order to strengthen the physical exercise of students, this paper takes Martial Arts teaching in colleges and universities as the research object to analyze the current college Martial Arts teaching through a large amount of literature and field visits, and solve the problems which are founded out. It is hoped that this paper can provide more directions on strengthening the reform and development of Martial Arts teaching in colleges and universities, and promoting the spread of Chinese Martial Arts in colleges and universities, which provides a better development platform for the majority of young people.


Colleges and Universities, Martial Arts Teaching, Status Quo, Countermeasure.