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Research on the Development and Service Supply of Taekwondo Sports Associations in Colleges and Universities

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DOI: 10.25236/eduer.2018.058


Yue Xiu

Corresponding Author

Yue Xiu


Taekwondo is known as the world's first combat sport. With its strong exotic cultural characteristics and high ornamental value and practicality, Taekwondo has won more and more people's favor. As a fashionable sport, Taekwondo stands out in many sports with its unique charm and gains popularity among many college students. In addition to regular sports, Taekwondo has entered the campus as a new type of sports events. At present, Taekwondo has been included in the competitions for college students in China, which has further stimulated the enthusiasm of college students to learn it. The author conducted a survey of some colleges and universities in Heilongjiang Province, analyzed the development of Taekwondo in Hubei Province, and put forward corresponding suggestions and countermeasures to promote the vigorous development of Taekwondo in Heilongjiang Province.


Colleges and Universities, Taekwondo, Sports Association, Service Supply.