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Analysis on the Relationship between Emotional Intelligence and Mental Health of Contemporary College Students

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DOI: 10.25236/eduer.2018.046


Yunlu Xiang

Corresponding Author

Yunlu Xiang


The concept of emotional intelligence has attracted attention from all aspects since its inception. It is regarded as the most important factor for individual success. However, with the popularization of the concept of emotional intelligence, the study of emotional intelligence has gradually become chaotic. The most deadly disease is that its content structure becomes vague and its meaning is infinitely expanded, so emotional intelligence research has been criticized for a period of time. Recently, the academic circles have proposed a way to return emotional intelligence to science, and strive to bridge the gap between emotion and intelligence, and advocate research under the framework of processing and utilization of emotional information. Due to the problem of the definition of emotional intelligence in the past, it can be believed that the study of emotional intelligence structure and its relationship with mental health requires a new investigation. It tries to explore the structure and characteristics of college students' emotional intelligence after scientifically defining emotional intelligence, and analyze whether each factor is the main effect or the buffer effect in life events-mental health.


Emotional Intelligence, Mental Health, College Students.