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Impact Analysis of the Hepatitis C Virus F Protein Deletion on Viral Replication and Pathogenic Infection

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DOI: 10.25236/icmsbe.2017.07


Hua Cao, Jianhua Gao, Xiaolong Liu

Corresponding Author

Hua Cao


Objective: investigating the influence of the hepatitis C virus F protein deletion on viral replication and pathogenic infection and the results were analyzed. Methods: the experimental method selected biochemical methods, the first step, the preparation of the hepatitis C virus RNA transcript; the second step, according to the result of the correlation detection culture experiments, including: PCR technology, the detection of infectious replication, immunofluorescence, transfection, etc. Finally, the relevant results to collate, record and analyze. Results: the introduction of the mutant gene expression and the number of the original number of genes expression was no significant difference in the expression levels of the two groups and the core protein also no significant difference (P <0.05); F protein expression in tumor tissue than other tissues, indicating HCC formation and F protein has some relevance;Core protein and the wild-type core protein contains a single mutation in the structure remained the same; F-deficient secondary structure of the core protein has more variations. Conclusion: HCV F translation and replication process of the missing protein of the virus had no effect on viral translation, reproduction and medical treatment to increase the resistance of the secondary structure of the core protein.


Hepatitis C Virus, Core Protein, Viral Replication, F Protein.