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Research on the Training Mode of Cross-border E-commerce in Applied Undergraduate Colleges

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DOI: 10.25236/eduer.2018.036


Qiang Jin

Corresponding Author

Qiang Jin


With the expansion of the cross-border e-commerce industry, the demand for cross-border e-commerce talents has also increased. In order to better meet the requirements of cross-border e-commerce in regional economic development, applied undergraduate colleges should master the new demand of cross-border e-commerce and improve the talent training mode. Based on the author's learning and practical experience, this paper first analyzed the status of the talent cultivation of cross-border e-commerce in colleges and universities, and then proposed the innovative design of talent training mode of cross-border e-commerce from the perspective of educational content module, talent training mechanism and teacher team construction.


Applied Undergraduate Colleges, Cross-Border E-Commerce, Talent Training, Mode.