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Research on Adsorption Performance of Graphene Oxide and Its Composites for Copper Ion

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DOI: 10.25236/icmsbe.2017.06


Zongxuan Han, Jiakun Li

Corresponding Author

Zongxuan Han


Graphene oxide / chitosan composite material is a new type of biological composite material developed in recent years, which has unique adsorption properties. In this paper, GO/CS composite adsorbent was prepared by combining GO liquid with pretreated chitosan CS. The adsorption of copper ions of GO/CS composite was also studied. The results showed that the best conditions of the composite adsorption were pH=9, 20mg dosage and 10min adsorption time. Under such conditions, the adsorption rate is as high as 89%. The paper can provide some references for the research of the chemical properties of the graphene oxide composites.


Adsorption performance, Copper ion, Graphene oxide.