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Innovation of "TESOL" Teaching Method in the Background of International Education

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DOI: 10.25236/eduer.2018.023


Shiyi Zhou

Corresponding Author

Shiyi Zhou


With the development of society, TESOL's practical application ability in English and the need to understand the cultural background of English-speaking countries are increasing, which makes the acquisition of second language face unprecedented opportunities and challenges. With the improvement of the level of internationalization, the teaching of English as a foreign language also needs to be innovated. In particular, it draws on the advantages and characteristics of different languages in different countries to carry out absorption synthesis. This paper analyzes the American TESOL teaching mode from the content of teaching materials, teaching mode, classroom organization, homework assignments and student internships, and summarizes the rules of some teaching methods, thus further practicing how to better acquire a second language and providing some inspiration for the progress of teaching methods.


TESOL, Teaching Mode, Method Innovation.