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Analysis on Factors Affecting Academic Assessment of Higher Vocational Students based on Diversified Students and the Reflections on Its Reform Direction

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DOI: 10.25236/eduer.2018.022


Bo Wang, Jiehua Yu

Corresponding Author

Bo Wang


Academic evaluation is a necessary link of the teaching process and also an aspect of the teaching reform of the course. In the background of present teaching reform, the reform of academic evaluation is an inevitable link of the teaching reform. This paper mainly analyses the problems of the academic evaluation of the students in vocational college. It analyses the factors that have influence on the academic evaluation based on the diversified enrollment, especially from the aspects of students, teachers, management and society, pointing out the reform thinking needs to be carried out on many aspects such as evaluation system, evaluation patterns, and evaluated subjects to lay the researching foundation of the building of the subsequent comprehensive evaluation system.


Diversity, Academic Evaluation, Influence, The Direction of Reform.