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Investigation on the Interest of Female Middle School Students in Physical Education in a County

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DOI: 10.25236/eduer.2018.014


Youqun Tan, Shibao Xu

Corresponding Author

Youqun Tan


The superior family environment of contemporary middle school students has caused their lack of tolerance for hardship and hard work. Many education courses have their own preferences to choose the appropriate attitude, especially physical education courses. By using the methods of literature, interview, questionnaire and statistics, this paper investigates the interest of female students in physical education in a middle school. On the basis of summing up predecessors' experience and proceeding from the reality of physical education in middle schools, this paper investigates the current situation of students' interest in physical education so as to provide useful reference for cultivating students' interest in physical education, promoting physical education and promoting students' all-round development. The research shows that, firstly, students who like physical education mainly believe that physical education is interesting and can relieve learning pressure. Secondly, most students expressed satisfaction with the contents and time settings of physical education courses. Thirdly, very few students are dissatisfied with teachers' teaching attitude and organization methods.


Sports Interest, Satisfaction, Physical Education.