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Analysis on Contemporary College Students' Credit Awareness -A Qualitative Research on Undergraduates Who Cheated in Examinations

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DOI: 10.25236/eduer.2018.009


Jun Leng, Xiaotong You, Yong He

Corresponding Author

Jun Leng


In this paper, 79 college students who were punished for cheating in exams are studied. Through reading their self-criticism texts and conducting in-depth interviews as well as surveys, researchers find out their motives in cheating, their attitudes toward cheating and their predictions of possible outcomes; the theory of Symbolic Interactionism is used to analyze the results. The research illustrates that students' motives in cheating mainly include fear of failing the exam, desire of getting better grades, and requirements of keeping friendship or saving face. As for students' attitudes toward cheating, some of them believe that the behavior must be wrong; others are in the state of psychological imbalance. Students' predictions of possible consequences are divided into three categories: some choose to cheat regardless of the consequences; some know the serious consequences but have the fluke mind; some want to give up at first but cannot resist the temptation.


College Students, Credit Awareness, Qualitative Research.