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Research on the Model of Co-education between Counselors and Academic Tutors at Private Colleges and Universities

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DOI: 10.25236/eduer.2018.002


Fengxiang Jiang, Yao Zhang, Shuiliang Lu, Moutao Du, Sisi Wang

Corresponding Author

Fengxiang Jiang


With the expansion of enrollment and the implementation of credit system, the existence and development of private colleges and universities is inevitable, and the management of private college students is also an important foundation for the long-term development of private colleges and universities. Double subject, counselors and academic tutors, cooperate to educate students, but in practice, academic instructors and counselors are unable to play the advantage of collaborative education effectively because of their different duties and insufficient cooperation in work. This paper tries to strengthen the cooperative education model between counselors and academic tutors at private colleges and universities, and explore a "double subject" collaborative education model with strong adaptability, feasibility and innovation in order to create better student management effect in this paper, which not only has the certain practice instruction significance, but also can consummate the student management theory.


Private Colleges and Universities, Counselors, Academic Tutors, Dual-Subject, Collaborative Education.