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Application of Analytic Hierarchy Process in Underwater Robot Competition

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DOI: 10.25236/icmit.2017.82


Yueyi Chen, Yansong Deng

Corresponding Author

Yansong Deng


The analytic hierarchy process in mathematical modelling can be applied to numerous fields, even in the underwater competition. In this paper, we took the one of the related competitions, underwater wrestling match for example, when the robot pushes the point in different areas, the force exerted on the float by robot is different, and the speed, direction, reaction time of the robot as well as the distance from the specified point will have influences on the result of the game, too. We divided the float into four areas, using AHP to study the weight of each area, and finally determine the optional strategy. Having been verified, the experimental results are consistent with the theory.


Underwater robot, Mathematical model, Analytic Hierarchy Process, Underwater, Wrestling Match.