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The Design of Photovoltaic Scroll Surface Cleaning Robot

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DOI: 10.25236/icmit.2017.81


Yueyi Chen, Yansong Deng, Weihua He

Corresponding Author

Yansong Deng


In order to reduce the clean-up cost of floating garbage in small water areas such as artificial lakes, and to improve the efficiency of salvage and prevent the environmental damages caused by artificially salvaging, we developed a scroll cleaning robot based on photovoltaic power supply, which is aimed at cleaning floating garbage on the water surface. This robot is mainly composed of cleaning system, driving water wheel, floating platform and other subsystems. This robot uses water level difference as the power source, recycles the floating garbage into the bucket via remote control. It can be widely used in reservoirs, artificial lakes and other floating garbage cleaning work .This all-weather robot works with low energy consumption and clean energy, without personnel guardian, and is close to the environment. With its advantage of using in a wide area, it is of high commercial value.


Water surface clean-up robot, Photovoltaic power supply, Wireless control, Energy conservation and environment protection.