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Research on Robot Motion Control based on Artificial Potential Method

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DOI: 10.25236/icmit.2017.80


GuangBing Zhou, Huan Lei, LiangSheng Wu

Corresponding Author

GuangBing Zhou


Humanoid robot is a kind of rare multiple-degree-of-freedom system with high order, non-linearity and nonholonomic constraint in project and it has powerful kinematic dexterity, which therefore has provided a pretty ideal experiment platform for the kinematics, dynamics, simulation technique, multi-sensor fusion and control theory and other researches of robot. In this paper, a new kind of angular deflection method is provided to make robot quickly escape from the local minimum point, which has planned a smooth collision-free path successfully. And simulation experiment is used to prove the effectiveness of the method planning.


Artificial Potential Field, Robot, Angular Deflection Method, Simulation Control.