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Personalized Learning Evaluation Model based on Cluster Analysis of Large Education Data

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DOI: 10.25236/icmit.2017.77


Sannyuya Liu, wenyuan Wang

Corresponding Author

Sannyuya Liu


As the new trend of information technology development, big data has been infiltrated into all walks of life and thus become an important cause of formation. At the big data era of data analysis driving education and reforming teaching, the education field also reserves massive data with extensive application value. On the basis of education data mining, learning analytics technology and other key technology analysis on bid education data, combined with the co-word analysis, education blogs and other social network education data, build the relevant learning analytics and data mining model in education field, explore the relevant relations among the education variables, practice the education application of big data and provide sufficient decision-making support service for the education teaching, to facilitate the education teaching reform and innovation.


Big Data, Learning Analytics, Data Mining, Co-Word Analysis, Social Network Analysis.