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Automatic Generation of CFD Mesh for Mountainous Regions

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DOI: 10.25236/icmit.2017.73


Huibo Dang, Hongjie Zhang, Huixue Dang

Corresponding Author

Huixue Dang


Wind resistant design of ultra-high voltage transmission lines is greatly influenced by wind flow characteristics of complex terrains in mountainous regions. To obtain wind flow files over undulating hills with complex shapes and different elevations, an automatic mesh generation software is designed and developed. First, the elevation data is obtained from Aster GDEM V2 of NASA. Then geometric surfaces are generated by using continuous and smooth connection technique. Next, accounting for the demands of different wind directions, the CFD model is designed to be consisted of inner rotational region and outer fixed region, and flow data is exchanged at these two domain interfaces. Then, mixed prism/tetrahedron mesh is generated for inner rotational region. Last, the height parameters at the interface boundary of inner rotational region is copied to the outer fixed region, and fully hexahedral mesh is generated. The generated meshes of these two different regions are written in the “.cas” data format of fluent software, respectively, hence generality of data format is guaranteed. By checking the grids by using fluent software, it is showed that, the automatically generated mesh satisfies the demands for CFD simulations.


Micro-terrain of mountainous region, mesh, automatic generation, continuous and smooth connection, domain interface.