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Coupling Analysis of ECG and EMG based on Multiscale symbolic transfer entropy

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DOI: 10.25236/icmit.2017.71


Lizhao Du, Wenpo Yao, Jun Wang

Corresponding Author

Lizhao Du


It has long been the focus of many scholars at home and abroad to explore the coupling of dynamic systems. However, the coupling analysis of basic transfer entropy cannot effectively determine the coupling situation in a certain range, and therefore, based on the research of original transfer entropy, we use multiscale symbolic transfer entropy(MSTE) to analyze it and only find that the multi-scale symbol transfer entropy value of the coupling analysis of ECG and EMG corresponds to different distribution trends at different scales. Later, we find out the best signal data extraction method and use it in our analysis. The experiment result shows that the value of it in the sleep time is larger than awake period, which means that the coupling of ECG and EMG is more significant in the sleep time, and we can capture the dynamic information in the signal and the change in system dynamics complexity more easily, which is better for the application of medical clinical practice.


Multiscale symbolic transfer entropy, ECG, EMG.