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The effect of helicopter low altitude cruise on the efficiency of radar detection

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DOI: 10.25236/icmit.2017.65


Jun-chao Yuan, Xiao-kuan Zhang, Shuai Wang

Corresponding Author

Jun-chao Yuan


According to the flight characteristics of the attack helicopter cruising section, the cruise tracks at three different heights are imitated. Then, the variation of the RCS sequence of helicopter with time is simulated. The strong ground clutter is taken into account when helicopters are cruising at low altitude. The signal strength of ground clutter is estimated. Finally, the radar detection probability of helicopter penetration at three cruise heights is calculated. The results show that when the attack helicopter flies at low altitude, ground clutter intensity is largely restricted to the detection performance of radar. The lower the cruise height is, the worse the radar detection efficiency is, and it will become more conducive to improving the battlefield survivability of helicopters.


Attack helicopter, RCS sequence, low altitude cruise, ground clutter interference.