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Building and Perfecting the Service System of Entrepreneurship to Promote College Students' Entrepreneurship

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DOI: 10.25236/icepms.2018.246


Li Jingli, Li Gang

Corresponding Author

Li Gang


Under the current educational background of "mass entrepreneurship and mass innovation", some colleges and universities in China have accelerated the pace of transformation and development to meet the new needs of the development of higher education in the new era. However, the overall employment situation of college graduates is still not optimistic, and the employment and entrepreneurship of college students have increasingly attracted the attention of society and colleges. College students' entrepreneurship education in China is still in the exploratory stage. There are some problems, such as the imperfect service system for college students' entrepreneurship, the inadequate implementation of college students' entrepreneurship policy, the unreasonable curriculum system, the imperfect hatching supporting policies and service mechanisms. This paper analyzes the main reasons for the problems, and proposes that it is of far-reaching practical significance to build and improve the service system of college students' entrepreneurship from three aspects: government, society and colleges.


Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Service system, Employment