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Anti-tumor Molecular Mechanism of Steroidal Drugs Based on Network Pharmacology

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DOI: 10.25236/iclsmh.18.020


Bian Fuyong

Corresponding Author

Bian Fuyong


The purpose was to effectively develop anti-tumor drugs, promote the inheritance and development of ethnic medicine, and study the anti-tumor molecular mechanism of steroid drugs. Method: Based on network pharmacology, the anti-tumor drug constituents of the Yi nationality based on Liangshan Cordyceps were analyzed, the network structure of the Cordyceps system was studied, and the target was predicted. Through multi-channel regulation, the anti-tumor molecular traits of steroid drugs were identified, and comparative experimental tests were carried out on the currently widely used oral anti-tumor drugs. Experimental result: The OB parameters absorbed by the body of the medicinal herbs were detected to understand the relative amount and rate of blood circulation and the molecular mechanism of the drug. Moreover, the current more common drug absorption effect and the absorption effect of the steroid anti-tumor drugs were compared. The test results showed that the absorption performance of the anti-tumor drugs of the Yi nationality with Cordyceps as the main element increased by 30%-50% compared with the traditional methods. Result and discussion: By comparing the drug absorption effect and molecular mechanism, it was found that anti-tumor drugs with Cordyceps as the main element can effectively improve the therapeutic effect and reduce the side effects. However, due to the difficulty in clearing the epiphytic bacteria on the surface of Cordyceps, it will have a certain impact on the therapeutic effect of the drug and still needs improvement.


Network Pharmacology, Therapeutic Target, Yi Nationality Medicine, Network Structure