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Analysis of the Relationship between Various Microorganisms in Insects

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DOI: 10.25236/iclsmh.18.017


Jialin Guo

Corresponding Author

Jialin Guo


Insects can infect different types of symbiotic microorganisms at certain developmental stages. These commensal organisms play an important role in the process of host growth, reproduction, adaptation to the environment and evolution. A large number of studies have found that different symbiotic microbes in insects do not exist and function in isolation, but have some connections to each other to varying degrees. In this paper, focusing on commensal bacteria, this paper reviews the relationship between different symbiotic bacteria in the past 10 years and the relationship between symbiotic bacteria and other insect-related microorganisms (pathogenic bacteria, fungi and viruses, and insect symbiotic fungi). Among them, the focus is on the coexistence of different bacteria in insects and the cooperation of host functions, the bacterial substitution that has occurred or may occur in insects, and the influence of symbiotic bacteria on the pathogen sensitivity of the host. Finally, the research prospects in this field are discussed in the context of the extensive application of various biological techniques in the study of symbiotic bacteria.


Bacteria, Symbiotic System, Bacterial Substitution, Pathogens, Biological Control