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Application Effect of Nursing Risk Management in Nursing of Kidney Diseases

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DOI: 10.25236/iclsmh.18.002


Dongyun Zhi, Siyu Chen

Corresponding Author

Dongyun Zhi


Objective: To analyze the application effect of nursing risk management in the nursing of kidney diseases. Methods: Sixty patients with renal diseases treated in our hospital were selected as study subjects, and divided into two groups: control group and observation group, thirty people in each group. The control group used routine nursing methods, the observation group selected nursing risks management methods, and analysis of the condition of the two groups of patients after care. Results: After analysis and evaluation, the indicators of the observation group were higher than the control group; for the nursing satisfaction rate, the observation group was 96.6%, and the control group was 91.6%. Conclusion: Applying nursing risk management to the nursing of kidney medical diseases can further improve the quality of nursing services and patient satisfaction, which is worthy of clinical application.


Nursing Risk Management, Kidney Medical Diseases, Application Effect