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An Evaluation Model to Quantify the Qualitative Smart Growth in Medium Population City

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DOI: 10.25236/icmit.2017.56


Yanwan Huang

Corresponding Author

Yanwan Huang


Our goal is to build a metric with indexes aimed to quantify the qualitative smart growth of a city. We formulate the problem of metric as a comprehensive evaluation model in which the success of smart growth is a specific value S. Primarily, based on the E’s of sustainability and principles of smart growth, we select several indexes measuring the success of smart growth, and establish a three-tier structure of the evaluation indexes system. Secondly, the analytic hierarchy process (AHP) is applied to evaluate the weights of each tier. Besides, in order to overcome the subjectivity of AHP, this paper adapts the fuzzy evaluation method to improve model, and obtains the other set of weights. Then, the two sets of weights are combined with linear weighting methods to get the specific value S.


The analytic hierarchy process (AHP), the fuzzy evaluation method, smart growth, entropy method.