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Effects of milling process sequence on the residual stress related monolithic components deformation

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DOI: 10.25236/icmit.2017.54


Xiaoming Huang

Corresponding Author

Xiaoming Huang


Machining deformation of aircraft monolithic component is one of the most serious problems that the aircraft manufacturing industry had to face. The effects of milling process sequence on multi-frame monolithic components deformation are studied, and the inherent frequency of the multi-frame beam at different machining process is also investigated. Based on the analysis of milling process characters, some control stratagems could be developed to reduce the deformation of thin wall component due to residual stress in the blank. In order to study the effect of blank initial residual stress on components deformation, chemical milling is used to remove the machining induced residual stress on the machined surface of the components. The research results show that the initial residual stress in the blank is the main factor of deformation for 3-frame monolithic beam, and the coupling action of the initial residual stress and machining induced residual stresses aggravate the deformation.


Milling process sequence, residual stress, monolithic components.