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Research on Model Establishment of Environment Evaluation of Arctic Route Navigation

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DOI: 10.25236/icmit.2017.53


Wenlu Bi, Tingting Luo, Xiaoting Fan, Lei Bai, Feng Zhang, Yanfen Gong, Jinrong Li

Corresponding Author

Wenlu Bi


With the global warming in recent years, the ice on the Arctic channel has gradually melted, and the Arctic channel has become the focus of attention in the maritime sector. In order to study the navigation of the Arctic route, this paper builds a model for the navigation environment of the Arctic route, selects the meteorological factors, hydrological factors, geographical factors and transportation factors as the first-class indexes of navigation environment. The weights of the indexes are given by analytic hierarchy process. On the basis of this, the Arctic is unsafe and navigable which could be obtained to provide some references for the relative researchers.


Arctic route, Navigation environment, Environment evaluation.