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Mechanism design and static analysis of exoskeleton robot for rehabilitation of lower limb

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DOI: 10.25236/icmit.2017.49


KaiYang, QingFei Jiang, XiuLai Wang, Xiaodong Xia, Xueyan Ma

Corresponding Author



According to the actual needs of rehabilitation training after knee joint surgery, and based on human lower limb kinematics principle, modern design method and bionics design method, the mechanical mechanism of lower limb rehabilitation exoskeleton robot was designed after knee joint surgery, so as to study the rehabilitation of exoskeleton robot. Through the analysis of the functional requirements, configuration options and driving modes of exoskeleton robot for lower limb rehabilitation, a new rehabilitation exoskeleton robot for lower limb is designed and static analysis of the key components of the knee joint of the rehabilitation exoskeleton robot is carried out. Based on simulation analysis results,we optimized the design of the structure, and the rehabilitation robot lightweight, modular design method is put forward after knee surgery, and the wearable Lower Limbs Rehabilitation Exoskeleton Robot and human walking posture has good following.


Knee joint replacement, lower limb rehabilitation, exoskeleton robot, modal analysis.